Taiga Service Engineering plc produces high level services requiring special know-how especially for paper and board industry and operates as their reliable maintenance partner. Our speciality is testing, maintenance and development focused on paper machine components and systems. 

Our goal is to work with the client selecting the suitable services and products and to come up with the best possible concept that is cost-effective, competitive and serviceable.

We are the official Finnish Lantier importer. We can help you to get all available products, spare parts and installation services out of the Lantier product family. Our know-how is strong especially in doctor blades.

We also represent Feltest Equipment, a full-service manufacturer of measuring devices for paper machine clothing. The selection includes all the clothing related measuring devices improving the quality of the end product and the runnability of the machine. When changing the clothing, CAPTO, the workers' safety improving drive, is a very good aid in the paper mills.

Beside Finland, our main operating area is the whole Europe. Nevertheless, we are happy to provide our services also in North and South America, Australia, Asia and Africa. In Finland, we serve around the clock. Fast and flexible - according to the contract.


Our personnel have altogether several decades of experience of working with paper- and board machines around the world. We have gained experience, for example, of paper machine installations, erection supervision, rebuilding, service and maintenance tasks. In addition, we have strong experience in paper machine measuring, testing and troubleshooting. Through us you will definitely find the services you need, whether it's related to finding out the current condition of your machinery or maintaining and developing it.


Taiga or Boreal region or northern conifer forest region is a vegetation zone, stretching across the northern hemisphere forming a coherent conifer forest area. In Eurasia, it spans from Fennoscandia to eastern Siberia and in Northern-America from western Alaska to Labrador peninsula. Region abuts at Tundra in north and temperate climate deciduous forests and steppes in south.


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